That's a good question. I'm in my 40's and have 3 cats (Felix, Max, and Squeax--jointly referred to as the "X" Files), an absolutely wonderful husband and a house full of computers (3 desktop units, 1 laptop and 1 company-issued laptop for my husband's work). I've got 2 step"children" (they're in their 30's)...Debbie and Chris and 3 grandkids (or would that be step-grandkids?)...Haley, Michael and Arya.

I started using Bryce and Poser many years ago when I bought Bryce2 and Poser2 from a surplus auction site. From that moment, I've been addicted to them. I've always enjoyed drawing on the computer, but my talent is very limited. Bryce and Poser give me a way to express myself. My latest passion has been 3D work with Ray Dream Studio 5.5. I had a copy of the Ray Dream 3D but felt that I was missing something so I bought the full version off the bargain rack. Boy, I really was missing something. I never could truly get the hang of the free form modeler but I love the mesh form modeler. The mesh form modeler lets me control the number of polygons I have in each phase of the model. I know that there are more expensive modelers out there like Rhino but I just can't afford that much for a hobby. I spend enough at Daz3D every couple of months to keep me broke.

Ok, now for the answer to the question that I've been asked on did I come up with a name like Phalen? It's sort of a play on words..."failin'". Since I'm not a very good artist (and yes, I use that term loosely), I see pictures in my head of what I want to create. Unfortunately I have trouble bringing my vision close to what I imagine so I constantly "fail". However, I am not discouraged with these failures because I learn something new in the attempt. I hope you enjoy the site and if you wish, I can be reached me by email at

Here are some of my favorite authors (just in case you are interested) in no particular order:

How do you know when you buy too many books...the people at the local bookstore know you by name as well as by sight.


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