In Your Eyes 11/06/01

In Your Eyes
Programs used Bryce 5, Poser 4 and Picture Publisher 9
Special thanks to Poserworld for their fabulous textures (using both Lords of Vast Lands and Air) of Anton Kisiel's Adventurers (Michael) and their wonderful earrings for Vicki (which I know are hard to see). Anton Kisiel again for Vicki's Changing Ponytail and her Changing Fantasy Suit (Silken Socery texture by Symphony). Michael's bracelet texture is a combination of tarnished brass with the bump of the original texture from Lord of Air). I couldn't come up with a decent transmap/texture for Michael's hair (poser male #5) so I faked it with 2 hair slightly larger than the original and semi-transparent. It provides the highlighted areas of his hair. Just something I played with in Bryce until I got it close enough (mapped sinusoidally.)

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